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Anyone here near Modesto

AmantaHug... :

FAvorite position by far is doggy

Anyone here near Stockton


Touch ur pen?

Looking to go dancing tonight in Modesto

Anorexica :

hey what are u up to?

I want to get banged, so send me a message

MrsMilfy :

Hi cutie - thanks for meeting w/ me for the threesome.. it was a night i'll never forget.. KIT for the next date

I live in Modesto

Debby :

I'm traveling to the Los Angeles for the weekend, anyone want to meetup?

Message me NOW!!!

blonde bo... :

i like white, not racist or anything just my pref

Yo whats up!!!.... Wanna meet up?

CanadianB... :

don't forget to bring your friend from last time. I loved licking your pussy

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SnowPrinc... :

I wanna meet up and go dancing :)

Meetup in Stockton?

Shady Sha... :

its sideways lol

hi there

AmantaHug... :

Hello all...


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