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Meetup in ?

AmantaHug... :

hey whats up

I am by Amenia



Looking for someone near Fargo

blonde bo... :

from cali looking to party

Wanna Meet up?


I love Asian Men - Black guys are scary lol too big

hi there

DoUWanna :

hey girl, how u doing?

Looking for someone near Fargo

MrsMilfy :

Hi cutie - thanks for meeting w/ me for the threesome.. it was a night i'll never forget.. KIT for the next date

Hey there

TootsieGa... :

Mines already here :)

Anyone here near Fargo

Shady Sha... :

its sideways lol

What is there to do on DTFlist? send me pics!


OMFG black guys are awesome <3

Hey there


OMG theres some really hot guys in here


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