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Looking for someone near Ottawa

CanadianB... :

anyone want to meet for a movie or something?

Lets fuck, im in Frauenfeld

blonde bo... :

i like white, not racist or anything just my pref

Lets meet in Frauenfeld

Debby :

Butterfly positon... Like

What is there to do on DTFlist? send me pics!

Debby :

Whats this group all about..?

I live in Frauenfeld

DoUWanna :

thanks for a great time last night. I hope I made it worth your time

hi there

SnowPrinc... :

I wanna meet up and go dancing :)

hi there

AmantaHug... :

omg i love your jaw line....

Anyone here near Richmond Hill



Lets fuck, im in Frauenfeld

Debby :

I'm traveling to the Los Angeles for the weekend, anyone want to meetup?

Looking for someone near Ottawa

TootsieGa... :

HAnging out!!!!!


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