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hi there


Where are all the hotties tonight???

Hey, Im in Calgary, Wanna bang?

TootsieGa... :

Nice pic you got there :)))

Hookers in Apopka city on DTFlist

Christian... :

I thinnk Koreans are the most sex addict in the World. Gentlemen ") Psy

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picture or GTFO ;)

Hookers in Apopka city on DTFlist

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SEXY cleavage there :))

Anyone here near Vancouver

DoUWanna :

Looking for a discrete sex partner near Vancouver

I am by Vancouver

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Meetup in Calgary?

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FAvorite position by far is doggy

Lets fuck, im in Apopka city


What are you guys doing tonite

want to go drinking tomorrow in Apopka city

Sammy's B... :

I'm interested - but no pics and I wont see you. You guys are chumps with no pics


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