erotic massage parlors near Wisconsin Rapids

Find erotic and sensual massage, the best erotic massage parlors in Wisconsin Rapids !

Anyone here near Vancouver

TootsieGa... :

Mines already here :)

What is there to do on DTFlist? Msg me

DoUWanna :

hey girl, how u doing?

I am by Vancouver


I love Asian Men - Black guys are scary lol too big

Looking for someone near Ottawa

Debby :

yeah... guyz with no pics = not getting laid LOL

I live in Wisconsin Rapids

Sammy's B... :

I'm interested - but no pics and I wont see you. You guys are chumps with no pics

Looking to go out tonight in Wisconsin Rapids

PAMELLA54... :

I wanna PARTY!!!

Hey, Im in Ottawa, Wanna bang?

openforga... :

looking to meet up, anyone wanna message me?

Hey whats going on.... Wanna meet up?


meet up and bang?

Looking for someone near Ottawa

PrincessL... :

from Vancouver, anyone know any good sex parties? Hosted, must have good ratio women to men

i wanna get banged, so send me a msg


Im lonely and need someone tonight


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